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Creating a free Marketing Strategy can be a fun, relatively pain-free experience once you have a little knowledge and a few tools. Forget jargon and cryptic acronyms. These days, the main challenge is to find the right avenues for new and existing Customers to  see you and understand your message.

Plenty of sites offer a confusing set of tools for you to implement your own marketing campaign, nearly all of them focus on only one aspect like; email, social, reputation, etc. We are going to show you the simple, no cost, high return way to make the digital marketing work for you. All you need is a computer and a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Every Marketing and Branding expert will tell you that you need a strategy to guide your marketing and we will tell you the same.  However, we decided to save you some work by providing you with an easy walkthrough and some tools. The results will be a specific strategy for your vision and your business.

Watch the short video below to take yourself to the next level and reap the rewards of more Customers and more revenue at no cost.


The Reasons You'll Love It

You must have a website

Having a website is crucial to your business and keeping it up to date really helps your SEO

You can improve your SEO by writing new blog posts and varying your content by using video, audio and images. Make sure your site is easy to navigate and is readable on a mobile device.

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Use Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to reach a large group of people and allows for personalization of your message with interactive content

Email marketing is cost effective compared to traditional methods of direct mail and calling.  The process can be automated, and success metrics are easy to track over time.

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Promote your business on Social Media

Social media allows for direct interaction between you and your customer. Friends can easily share your social media profiles with others to widen your prospects.

Make sure to choose the appropriate social media platform for your customers, plan out your posts in advance but don’t over promote yourself. Your audience also wants to see interesting articles or videos related to your industry. Address negative comments and problems quickly.

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Place content links on your website’s homepage

Use links to other pages on your website and links to external content to improve your SEO

Websites or blogs which link to your page can also improve your search rankings. You can also find other companies to share content with, if they are in other markets.

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Include quotes from experts and become an expert yourself

Backing up your claims with expert opinions will lead to an increase in trust of your website by users

You can show your expertise by teaching a skill in a video, answering questions on social media, being a guest blogger for someone else or showing off some data.

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Publish rave reviews on your website

Showing rave reviews on your website will help new customers unfamiliar with your product or service to give you a try.

Ask your customers for reviews providing a template and guidance on what type of content they should provide. Ask permission to use their name and title.

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Host a give-away or event and give back to the community

Customers will likely rush to your website or social media page to win a prize and after entering the giveaway they should stick around to see what you have to offer.

You will increase your brand image by holding events or give backs to the community for example, giving a percentage of sales on a certain day a month to a charitable organization.

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Create a refer-a-friend program

Referral programs reward existing customers to refer friends who are then incentivized to use your product or service.

These programs use software to track referrals made by customers through either a referral code or link resulting in some kind of bonus or benefit for both the customer and the friend who is using your product or service for the first time.

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Tactics to avoid

Try and avoid the traditional methods of marketing such as TV, radio and flyers. Email marketing provides a better return on investment for a local business.

 Avoid leaving your website stagnant. Update the content and design regularly so that your customer does not associate outdated with a poorly managed business.

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